Firmware Development

In MetroScientific, we develop firmware and hardware development for electronics manufacturers.


Firmware Development using Java, C, and C+

Big Data Analysis uses for complex machine learning algorithms and ensemble algorithms. With large data sets (several terabytes to petabyte), it can do calculations in reasonable wall-clock time. However, often parallel processing techniques or cluster computing is required. Programs and languages like MatLab, R & Python use C/C++ 'under the hood' for some of their computations. Also, many bioinformatics programs like using C++ or C.

C++ is not used for writing interface-based or surface codes for system training applications.It is used for building underlying algorithms and libraries, which are eventually called by the main learning framework before execution. In other words, the entire code, even though not written in C++, is dependent on libraries fabricated with C++.It is also used to write libraries and functions having code-specific utilities, which may not be available in a particular pre-existing package.